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Meeting Point:

Rembrandtplein in front of the Rembrandt statue

Group size max. 8 people. Bookings are essential.

Start Time:

Thursday - Monday 9:15 AM (1.5 hour duration)


Adults : € 15- Students € 10,-

The Neighborhood Tour: Rembrandtplein

How do I orientate myself in Amsterdam?
What is the history of the area where I am staying?
Where do the locals go in my area?

Amsterdam is a city designed to live locally. Everything that you need is in your area.This tour is created specifically for people staying in the vicinity of Amsterdam's Rembrandtplein.

A local of the neighborhood will guide you around the vicinity of Rembrandtplein. Showing you the wonderful diversity and compactness of Amsterdam. From the Old Jewish Quarter, Rembrandt's house, the beauty of the seven bridges, to the worlds first multi-national corporation and understand how Amsterdam is built on water. This tour goes beyond the guide books.

The tour connects you vividly to the neighbourhood. Mixing history, practical tips and showing you local hangouts among the throng of tourists. This tour is for those that want an insight in what it is to be an Amsterdammer.