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Meeting Point:

Tourist Information Centre (VVV) at the front of Central Station or Cafe Batavia 1920
Group size max. 6 people.
Please book to confirm your place.
Monday-Saturday (duration 1.5 hours)
1815 hrs (Tourist Office), 1830 hrs (Cafe Batavia 1920)

Adults: €20,- Students: €15,-

Red Light District Tour: Sex n Drugs

Why are the women in the windows?
What are Coffee shops?
Why do the windows have red lights?
Do the women get tested for sexually transmitted disease?
Is it legal to smoke cannabis?
Why are there no men in the windows?

Fascinated by one of Amsterdam's main attractions? There's more to the Red Light District then walking around and looking at sex workers in the windows. Learn about one of the oldest professions in the world and cannabis in one tour.

Find out about the sex industry in Amsterdam, how it works, how the Red Light District is only one part, What people pay and what services are offered. Learn also about Amsterdam's oldest District its sex theatres, sex shops, masturbation chambers and smartshops. Be guided through the small alley ways with a knowledgable guide that will change your outlook of the women in the windows and Amsterdam's approach to the sex industry.