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Amsterdam Museums: Museumnacht Cannonball Run 2013

When in Amsterdam...Autumn and Winter mean museums, expositions and concerts. As the seasons change Museum Night (Museumnacht Amsterdam) is an event to which to look forward. Many Amsterdam museums open for a one night extravaganza from 7pm to 2am. The buildings filled with special events, exhibitions and music.

So with 23 days to go to Museumnacht Amsterdam we thought a run around of Amsterdam museums would be a good idea. Armed with our Museum card (Museumkaart) we want to:

- Visit as many Museums participating in Amsterdam Museumnacht 2013 as possible;
- Blog about new exhibitions in our musums for Autumn and Winter in Amsterdam,
- Recount the permenant collections of our museums.
- Provide an overview of the museums,
- Tips and anything you should see before Museumnacht.

The most important aim is to provide English reading residents of Amsterdam and our visitors encouragement to get out and see our wonderful varied Amsterdam museums. There is so much more than the Big 3: Anne Frank, Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum.

You can paritipate too!

- Read our blog,
- Comment on our posts,
- Buy a museumkaart and send us your thoughts on a  museum you visited lately,
- Buy a ticket to Museumnacht, check out the Museumnacht website and read our blog in anticipation.
- Join the Cannonball, get your Museumkaart and come. Facebook postings are best...stay tuned....

Museum Card (Museumkaart)

Your best value cultural card to Museums in the Netherlands. For 50 euro you can visit over 400 listed museums in the Netherlands for one year from the time of purchase. That's right, 1 year from time of purchase.

You can sign up on the website and pay online for your Museumkaart. They will send it to you for an additional postage fee. The website is in Dutch which maybe difficult for new English reading Amsterdammers and guests.

Do you want a Museumkaart now? Buy a card at major Amsterdam museums. Tip: try the Amsterdam Museum as it is central and not overcome by visitors.

Note: the Museumkaart does NOT provide entrance to Museumnacht Amsterdam 2013.

If you wish to see what we did and tips from last year have a read of these blog entries:
- Diary Amsterdam Museum Night 2011
Amsterdam Museum Night 2012
- Amsterdam Museum Night 2012 Diary

Let the Amsterdam Museum Cannonball Run begin.

When in Amsterdam...enjoy!
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Amsterdam Photo Tour: Winter Wonder

When in Amsterdam....a Photo Tour is a great idea. Amsterdam is one of the most picturesque cities in Europe. The wonderful  architecture, tree lined canals, boats, and bicycles have amazed people for centuries.

Winter Canals: OMY Amsterdam Photo Tour

 Walk the streets with trained and published Photographers from OMY Amsterdam Tours. The best rated small group tour company in Amsterdam by Trip Advisor.

Amsterdam Tourist Boat winter: OMY Amsterdam Photo Tour

Make the most of your limited time in Amsterdam. The best way to find your way around the small alley ways to the most beautiful locations is with a guide.

Frozen Amsterdam Bike: OMY Amsterdam Photo Tour

If you are a beginner with a passion for photography OMY Amsterdam Guide's give you tips and techniques on how to capture the best photos with your camera.  Along the way learn and talk in a relaxed  personal manner about Amsterdam, the city built on water.

Amsterdam peaceful courtyard: OMY Amsterdam Photo Tour

If you are an experienced photographer enjoy personalized service to the best locations.

Beginner or experienced OMY Guides are flexible to your needs and tours are customized for you. To Book click here.

On the Amstel: OMY Amsterdam Photo Tour

For more photos by OMY Amsterdam Photo Tour Guides click here to see our blog on Amsterdam small houses.

Most important. When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

When in Amsterdam... - Blogged
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Amsterdam Winter Finally Arrives: Good and Bad

When in Amsterdam... - Blogged

When in Amsterdam has finally got the extra winter gear out.

This week Amsterdam and most of Europe was covered in a thick layer of snow. Record low temperatures were experienced.

The bad thing about the recent cold snap has been delays in transport. Trains from The Hague to Amsterdam were delayed by 4 hours or cancelled on Friday. Many flights were also delayed or cancelled out of Amsterdam Airport.

The good thing about the big chill is that the canals in Amsterdam have frozen over. A rare event over the last decade in the nation's capital. Omy Amsterdam Walking tours have managed to take a route rarely travelled, on frozen water! Our guide took this wonderful photo below of people enjoying the frozen canals.

The Dutch cultural tradition of ice skating has finally been practised. People of all ages have taken to the ice in this most Dutch of winter past times.

The Dutch have always excelled at skating and especially long distance ice skating.

The famous 11 city ice skating marathon is being considered. Conducted over a maze of canals in the northern Province of Friesland this 200 kilometre event attracts tens of thousands of participants. The event was last held in 1997 and before that in 1986. The race committee announced that if the east wind and cold temperatures continue through the week it could be held over the weekend or next week if mother nature agrees. Watch a documentary done in Dutch by the National Radio of the 1985 race.

Private walking tours have still continued, a testament to our enthusiastic guides who will take people out no matter what the weather.

Get out and enjoy the winter weather.

When in Amsterdam....enjoy!

Crazy Men and Their Magnificent Flying Machines in Amsterdam the City of Bicycles

When in Amsterdam... - Blogged

Once a year for the last 3 years Amsterdam has been visited by rare old pre-war auto mobiles. Yes, the city of bicycles and canals will host the 100 Miles of Amsterdam. This weird and wonderful event pits man and machine against the winter elements of Amsterdam in the dead of night in a race against time.

This event was established by rally and vintage car enthusiasts, specifically pre-1940 cars. This year it will take place on the night 18 December and be completed on 19 December.

This year around 50 pre-war cars will take to the streets in this all night rally test. The rally starts at Huize Frankendael in Amsterdam East. Contestants will drive through the city. Dam Square and the 9 Streets, especially Reestraat will be great vantage points. They head to the centre of Utrecht where they stop before returning to the banks of the River Ij in Amsterdam.

The Amsterdam Watch Company in Amsterdam's famous shopping districts De 9 Straatjes (9 Streets) is proud to sponsor the event and has designed the wonderful poster below.

On their website The 100 Miles Amsterdam event organisers justify the event citing, apart from good old fun, sustainability and innovation. They believe that today products have a short life and that people are not building products that last. Rallying old cars is supposed to show how men and women can make things that go on for decades instead of being replaced every 3-5 years and placing burden on the environment.

Poster of The 100 Miles of Amsterdam by Amsterdam Watch Company in De 9 Straatjes Amsterdam

Below is a link from The Telegraaf. They made a short clip about last years event.

Everyone has pictures of bikes in Amsterdam and my town bike is one of my prized possessions but their is something classic and cool about old cars racing around Amsterdam. Rug up, get out and see these crazy, mostly,  men and their magnificent flying machines. Send us photos too.

When in Amsterdam.....enjoy!


Amsterdam in the Winter: Food for thought and warmth

When in Amsterdam... - Blogged

When in Amsterdam and the east wind blows in winter the city gets cold, very cold. It is that time of the year again, Winter. There are many good things about winter in Amsterdam. The city is not so busy, you can go ice skating and walking along the canals reveals the architecture of this great northern European capital.

Through shared struggle comes identity. Winter in Amsterdam at times can be a struggle and food brings people together and creates an identity, Dutch Cuisine. In Winter Dutch Food comes into its own.

photo taken from La buena vida a food store in the Hague

The Dutch are not known for their cuisine, something that their southern cousins in Belgium consistently remind them.

If you are in Amsterdam during winter don't lament the cold, embrace it. Food will be your savior. There is no better time of the year to enjoy good old fashioned Dutch food.

1. Stampot (stamp in a pot)

This is a winter classic. Everything is stamped/mashed together in a pot - makes sense, yes? Normally mashed vegetables with gravy and a boiled sausage.

There are many versions of this of Stamppot:
- Hutspot has onions, carrots and potatoes mashed together.
- Boerenkool, translated as farmers cabbage, but in English Kale. This is mixed into the mashed potato at the end of the cooking and mashing process.
- Zuurkool Mashed potato with sauerkraut
- Andivie stampot: the same as Boerenkool but instead of using Kale, endive is used.

Bacon bits are a popular addition but the dish is limited only by your imagination.

photo of Zuurkool by blog Kattebelletje

Karin Engelbrecht from Dutch Food made an Asian inspired Stamppot with bok choi (an Asian cabbage), cashew nuts and shitake mushrooms.

The secret is always in the sauce. Plenty of sauce is needed.

2. Erwtensoep (pea soup)

Similar to the English pea and ham soup the Dutch have been at lengths to explain the difference. First a traditional Erwtensoup must be cooked slowly over night on a very low heat. Vegetarian versions can be found but normally there is pork hock and sausage in this thick soup. It is perfect after ice skating.

3. Gehaktbal (meat ball)

 A good Dutch meatball will quickly make you forget the cold. Normally served with potatoes and gravy you can also have a sandwich of meatball. If your into meat, this is a show stopper. Dutch meatball is 5 times the size of a Swedish meatball normally around 100grams. Every house has its own recipe but normally there is mixed spice and a toasted bread mixed into the ball.Wednesday is traditionally meatball day. Yes, that's right a whole day attributed to a meatball.

Picture taken from an Australian Food Blog

4.Oliebollen (oil balls)

It doesn't sound healthy and it isn't. The Oliebollen is a Dutch donut without the hole. Amsterdam's squares and train stations are filled with Oliebollen stands during winter. If your waiting for the train or tram because it is to cold to bike this is a perfect treat. Freshly cooked and sprinkled with icing sugar a perfect snack to ward off the east wind.

These also come in many varieties some are stuffed with currents (krentenbollen) or apple.

5. Chocomelk (chocolate milk)

A warm cup of chocomelk goes a long way in winter. The famous brand chocomel originating out of Friesland, a northern province of the Netherlands, is distributed widely in the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. This Dutch favourite is served in almost every business from Cannabis Coffeeshop to high end restaurant.
photo taken from blog: Almost barefoot farm girls

5. Mullwijn (mull wine)

Similar to the German and Scandinavian versions. Although a Swedish friend said the Dutch version was nothing like the 'great' Swedish winter wine. Warmed red wine with herbs, warms you to your very toes. Rembrandtplein, the Dam and Leidseplein are popular places to grab a warm red wine.

Here is a list of highly recommended Authentic Dutch restaurants in Amsterdam to enjoy. Click on the links to their websites.

When In Amsterdam....rug up and enjoy!